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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in Central America

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duncan aitken

panajachel, guatemala

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It's all about trust.

"The success of most websites today depends on whether users perceive the site to be credible" stanford.edu

Good web design starts with
Good first impressions.

"Internet users make up their minds about the quality
of a website in the blink of an eye."

  • Is the site visually pleasing?
  • Is it obvious how to navigate the site?
  • Is it clear what the purpose of the site is?
  • Does it open quickly?
"Through the halo effect, first impressions can influence subsequent judgments of website credibility and buying decisions." websiteoptimization.com

Visitors trust website that makes them feel
secure and comfortable from the start.

In turn, they trust you.

Once your credibility is established you simply say: "I
sell a great product!" If someone needs what you sell
and he or she doesn't have to go through hoops to buy
it, you'll make the sale.

Your website shouldn't
add to the chaos.

If this is what you are looking for
in web design please contact me.

Duncan Aitken
Panajachel, Guatemala

"Let the line of least resistance lead me on."
Delbert McClinton

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